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Sunday, 10 March 2019

This Fish Ain't Biting

I received a call from my mobile phone provider yesterday.

"Great news!" the voice said. "You're  due  a phone upgrade."

Before I had a chance to reply, the young woman ran through a list of options all of which would be ‘ideal for me.’

I asked her why any of the phones she told me about would be better than the one I currently own.

“Well,” she replied, “they all have a better camera and a longer battery life.”

"Oh," I said, "I don't use the camera phone, and I get two days from one charge on the phone I have. So I don't need a better camera or a longer lasting battery."

She told me that the longer living battery would enable me to keep up to date with social media and the like when I was out and about.

When I told her I didn’t use social media when I went out, she seemed bemused. When I go out, I go out to enjoy the beach or the countryside. I don’t need, or yearn, to keep up with everything that is going on.  I do that when I’m at home.

However, she then went on to tell me about great new deals they had for call, text and data packages; all of which were more expensive than my current plan.

I quickly told her that I didn’t use all the data, call time or text messages I currently pay for. So, why would I need any more?

“But if you had more data,” she said, “you would be able to use the internet more when you are away from home.”

I told her again that I did not use the internet when I was out. I actually go out to get away from all that stuff. I like to take time to enjoy the sights and sounds, and I can do that better when I don’t have my face glued to a screen.

Again, she appeared a little lost.

I explained that I was happy with the phone I had and I would continue to use it until it stopped working and that I really didn’t need any more call time, data or text messages.

“Oh, Okay. So we’ll keep you on your current tariff, but without the additional cost of a new handset,” she said.

I told her that would be fine and that when my phone stopped working, I would call them; the network provider.

“Okay, have a nice day,” she ended the call with a twinge of disappointment.

Every day somebody is trying to sell us stuff we don’t need. They try to ‘reel us in’ by telling us how or why we need their product, even when we have told them we don’t require or desire whatever it is they are try to sell.  

The phone I have, which I have now paid for, is two years old. It is still working perfectly. I don’t need a new one. I don’t want to buy a new phone just so I can shove my phone into a drawer where it will do nothing but gather dust. 

I will be saving money from not signing up to another contact, and when the time comes, I will be able to shop around for a new handset without getting into a financial agreement with my network provider.

I do use the internet occasionally when I’m out, but my current plan gives me more than enough data to do that.

I’ve had several similar phone calls recently. My broadband provider called to entice me into getting my television services re-installed. I declined their offer, too.

When it comes to signing up for things I don’t need or want all of these people have discovered, despite their best efforts, that this fish ain’t biting anymore.  

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  1. It is crazy out there we have to be so careful with our choices.

    1. Hi, Christine. Yes, I agree. These people will try to talk you into spending money you don't need to. It's unfortunate, but you always have to be on your guard.

  2. … No this fish doesn't bite any more either!

    All the best Jan