Mindful, creative, colourful living.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

What Is Mindful, Creative, Colourful Living?

You may have noticed that the description of this blog is ‘mindful, creative, colourful living.’ I’ve been thinking about that description for some time, and while I consider it a fitting narrative of this site and its contents, I also feel that the phrase could mean a great many things to lots of different people.  So, I’ve decided to write this post to explain what the phrase the means to me.   

For me, mindful living is being aware of how the choices I make in my everyday life affect other people, the environment and myself.  

I believe that in today’s world we are often forced into making decisions and buying stuff we don’t need or may not even want just so we can appear acceptable to modern society. Being mindful puts me in a position of power, where I can make choices based on my personal needs, likes and dislikes - choices which empower me, and which put me in control of my own destiny.  

One of my mindful decisions was to become vegetarian. I am now almost vegan. This decision was not forced on me, it was something I decided to do because it is healthier for me and it helps protect the environment that I am so passionate about. 

I'm also a minimalist, another mindful decision because I found having too much stuff was weighing me down. I spent more time accumulating stuff and worrying that I didn't have enough 'items' than I did doing the things which really matter to me –  spending time with my family, spending time in nature, writing, drawing and taking photographs.  

I do speak about these topics on this blog, but in doing so, I am in no way trying to press anyone to become vegetarian, vegan or minimalist. I believe it is up to each person to make whatever decisions are right for him or her.

For me, being mindful of my choices opens up a world of opportunity. Being free from the pressures of having to look a certain way, dress in a particular manner, or buy stuff because it's what I’m ‘supposed’ to do gives me more space to breathe, to be creative and share whatever knowledge I have – to live a creative, colourful life.

This is my version of mindful, creative, colourful living. 

You may have a different description. But that's Okay.

Everyone has a right to an opinion. 

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    1. Thank you, Christine. It makes life so much more manageable.

  2. I like the picture you've used for this post and also appreciate reading your thoughts here, thank-you.

    All the best Jan