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Monday, 7 January 2019

A New Year - A New Motto

Christmas is long gone and we are already one week into the New Year. I trust Santa was good to you and I wish all my readers a happy and prosperous 2019.

Christmas was a bag of mixed emotions for me. I usually enjoy the festive season, but this year I felt a tad sceptical about the whole affair.

Perhaps it’s my age or maybe it’s because my daughter is now a teenager who wants nothing more than a few quid in her pocket. I remember fondly Christmas mornings when she would rip open presents with feverish childhood enthusiasm. 

I also think that Christmas has lost some its charm. It’s now so commercialised that the shops start displaying Christmas treats before we’ve had a chance to enjoy Halloween. Such is life, I guess. But it does take some of the glitter off. And guess what? I ventured to the local grocery store on Boxing Day only to be confronted with rows of Easter eggs. Give us a break. Let us enjoy one holiday before we have to start thinking about the next. 

In addition, my elderly mother took a bad fall, which landed her in hospital. She had numerous scans and tests. Thankfully, the doctors found nothing seriously wrong, though they did increase her medication. She has a badly blackened eye and her body aches but she did manage to enjoy Christmas Day. The fall has dented her confidence though, and it will take her some time to get over her mishap.

Personally, I received enough toiletries to last me well into 2019 and my wife surprised me with a Dolce Gusto coffee machine. I do love a cup of the black nectar and this machine makes exceptional coffee. So good that I will have to keep an eye on how many cups I drink for fear of overdosing on caffeine. And I was thrilled with the bag of goodies my daughter bought me from Lush.

This time of year, everyone starts making resolutions and I am no different, though I prefer to call them a commitment to myself. This year I have committed to go on a completely plant based diet. I am vegetarian so I think this is the next logical step, and I don’t think it will be too difficult. I already use soya milk and I am not keen on eggs. My only obstacle might be chocolate, though I’ve found a few Vegan alternatives that look promising.

I also had a mini de-clutter, and was amazed to discover how much of the stuff I had  saved from my last clear out that I was willing to let go. This was stuff I had kept in my wardrobe convinced I would wear and didn’t. Following this latest clearout I decided to make another commitment to myself and in the process I came up with a new motto, new to me at least, - ‘consume less, live more.’

With that in mind, I have re-committed to not buying stuff I don’t need. This applies to everything from clothes to tech. At some point I may list the stuff I have committed not to buy, but for now stuff that I don’t need will do.

Have a great 2019 everyone.Looking forward to reading all your posts in the coming year. 

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  1. Sounds like your Christmas was good and I like the idea of not buying stuff we don't need.

    1. Hi, Christine. Happy New Year. Yes, I did enjoy Christmas, but the festive season has changed so much from when I was young. Kids and adults now exprct to get the most expensive items imaginable. It has become a season of excess which, for me, takes away from its magical charm. I prefer a simpler more soulful festive season.