Mindful, creative, colourful living.



I'm John.

Welcome to my blog.

I'm an independent, self-representing writer, photographer, and artist. My writing has been published in magazines in the UK and Ireland as well as the internet.  The subjects I've covered include British, Irish and American history, people, cinema, writing, travel, music, and sport. (A list of some of my published work is under the 'publications' tab at the top of the page.)

I take photos for my amusement, mostly,  but some of my images have appeared in various magazines. You can see some of my photographs HERE.

I adore drawing and doodling, and I take much inspiration from nature. I like flowing lines and patterns. My preferred medium is ink, though I do enjoy throwing paint around, too. 

Here are some more details you might like to know. 

- I'm a voracious reader. 

- I tend not to watch television. 

- I meditate twice a day, every day. 

- I'm vegetarian

- I don't drink alcohol.

- I drink lots of green tea. 

- I try to live in harmony with the planet, and I feel most at home when I'm around nature. 

- I hate shopping.

- I'm a minimalist.

- I believe life is for living and that we are here for a reason. Each of us has to figure out what our purpose is.

This blog aims to awaken the unconscious, unearth the creativity that resides in us all, and  make the world a better place through creativity and mindful living. 
I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and I hope you will visit again soon.