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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Simple Life - Emptying The In-Box

Don’t you just hate flyers? 

I know I do... 

Yesterday I received eight through the letterbox, trying to sell me everything from fast food to a new bathroom. They all hit the recycling bin without as much as a second thought.

Everywhere I go billboards display the latest cars or high-tech gadgets that will ‘make my life better, easier and enhance my sense of wellbeing.’ Every time I open a magazine, turn on the T.V or the radio, or check the news on my phone someone, somewhere is trying to sell me something.

The ‘ad men’ do a really good job when it comes to tempting me to buy into their vision of how my life should be  and the things I ‘need’  in order to feel better about myself and my quality of life. 

My e-mail inbox was pretty much the same. Every morning, companies trying to sell me stuff bombarded me with images of the latest fashion trends, must have cosmetic items and the newest and best gizmo.  Until recently, that is.

A few days ago, I went through my inbox and unsubscribed from all those newsletters and advertising campaigns, which I somehow managed to get myself signed up to. Opening my e-mail is now a much more pleasant experience.  I receive less emails, but the ones I do get add some value to my life.

I cannot stop the T.V campaigns or the billboard campaigns or magazines and the like displaying adds from their sponsors and companies who pay to have their products displayed.  But what I can do, is be more mindful about the things I actually need.

Since my de-clutter, I have noticed that less I have the more productive I am, the more creative I am and the more time I have to do the things that really matter to me. I do not need some ad campaign to tell me what will make my life better, I already know.

I enjoy a simplistic life. A life where I can create and be attuned  to the cares of other people, a life where I can slow down and take in the beauty of what is around me, a life where I have room to breathe in my own home. And what’s more, I am perfectly capable of deciding what I want to have in my life, and my home, and what I do not. I do not need all that stuff that all the ad men tell me I do.  

Message to the ‘ad men,’ I am not so easily fooled anymore. 


  1. I really should unsubscribe to all the stuff I get. I did clear my browser history and cache yesterday, gets rid of all the stored cookies, good to do once in awhile.

    1. Thank you, Christine. Unsubscribing from all that stuff has made life more pleasurable.