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Friday, 8 June 2018

Time Flys When You Are Doodling

My word, the weeks are flying by. Hard to believe that we are almost half-way through this year. The more I create, the quicker the days seem to pass.

I've been drawing steadily and I've become somewhat obsessed with lines. I've drew loads of them and regularly come up with stuff like this. It's great fun and, at the same time, very meditative to just lay down line after line.


I've also been experimenting with colour. I do love using my Pitt Artist Pens. The ink flows onto the page so smoothly; so different to all the pens I've tried previously. 

I drew the image below, more lines, added colour with my pens then overlaid the scanned image with my photo editing software. I lifted off some of the overlay to let the original colour show through. I like the result a lot. I think it works really well. 

Have a great weekend and a super PPF. 

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