Sunday, 1 October 2017


I was given a set of these Bic Soft Grip Permanent Markers a few days ago by someone who was having a clear out. I don't use markers that often and thought I might give them to my daughter, but the bright colours drew me in. (Pardon the Pun).

I opened the packet and was immediately impressed by the wide selection of colours - from pale yellows and pinks to bold purples and dark blues. The markers are comfortable to hold and they feel nice in the hand

I quickly drew a flower (yes, I know, another flower. I really can't help myself), and began colouring it in. The ink went on smoothly and there  were no overly streaky lines.  
I was using 170gsm cartridge paper and, as you can see from the image on the right, the ink did bleed through. That's normal with this type of marker, but if I was using them in a colouring book I'd definitely place a piece of card behind  the page I'd be working on. 

I'm no expert when it comes to  markers but I have no qualms recommending anyone to get a set. They are probably not as good as many of the more expensive 'copic' type markers, but for me they work just fine. I'll be holding on to them for a while longer. I'll have to hide them from my daughter though; she just loves markers.

Here's the flower I drew and coloured in. Not too bad for my first attempt using markers since my schooldays. 

I used Petal Pink for the petals, Polynesian Purple for the darker shadow areas and Plumtastic Purple for the little nooks and crannies. For the leaves I used Key Lime and For Ever Green.



  1. What a lovely present you got there! I have a similar set from another brand, and I love them. Enjoy your Sunday, hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you, Valerie-Jael, for commenting. I don't use markers that often, but I'll be keeping these ones to hand.

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    1. Hi, Christine. Thank you for commenting. Hope my post helps.

  3. great markers and the flower is very nice painted in order to!
    Happy week

    1. Thank you, Elke, for your kind comment. They are great markers.