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Friday, 13 October 2017

Fantasy Floral

#Inktober   #Inktober2017

Paint Party Friday

It's been one heck of a busy week. I've managed to post something almost every day for #Inktober / #Inktober 2017. Up to now I've found the experience very rewarding. I've surprised myself, too. It's amazing how much one can get done in one day if one really focuses on the jobs that need doing. I've another busy day ahead today, so I'm keeping this post short. 

But have a great weekend everyone and happy PPF.  

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Sunday, 8 October 2017


This sketch began life during a father, daughter discussion on the beauty of imperfection. #Inktober #Inktober 2017


Saturday, 7 October 2017


Well, here's my second drawing for the #Inktober 2017 challenge. As I said, I'm not sticking to the list of prompts, but taking part is the important thing and I'm looking forward to trying to draw and post something every day. 


Friday, 6 October 2017

Paint Part Friday - Ink

My 'love-affair' with ink continues. I adore the stuff. I like everything about it. I like the simplicity, I like the contrast of black ink on white paper and I am intrigued by the endless possibilities that ink offers. Even the word 'ink' gets me excited and when I'm not drawing, my head is telling me I should be. Yes, you've guessed it, I'm an ink-addict. 

This takes me back to my schooldays, when I loved drawing with ink. I would sit for hours copying characters from comic books and I couldn't wait for art class to begin. All that ended with the arrival of a new teacher, who did not appreciate my style, which was quite similar to today's zentangle. We clashed a few times and it became so intense that I dropped out of art class. I didn't stop drawing though. I was the kid who drew designs on the other kids denim jackets. It made me quite popular, and earned me a few quid for the weekend, too. But through time, family life, work and other pressures meant I had to stop. That's history now and I don't like to dwell on the past. We can't change what happened yesterday - better to move forward with a new outlook. 

On Monday, I opened a new A5 sketchbook with the idea in mind that I would keep it solely for black and white ink drawings. 

Here's one of them. 

On Wednesday, my daughter asked me if she could borrow my sketchbook to try and copy some of my designs. She went to her room clutching my sketchbook and a handful of pens. When she came back my black and white drawing looked like this. 

Ah, well, so much for my new black and white sketchbook. As I said earlier - it's history.  

Happy PPF, and have a great weekend. 

This post is linked to Paint Party Friday.  

In a late amendment to this post I have decided to add the #Inkotober , #Inktober 2017 to the labels. I have started this challenge late, I probably won't be able to post every day and I might not follow the official #Inktober list of prompts because I have my own very definite ideas about what I like to draw, but that should be OK going by what I've read.